EVSIOS: Electronic Visitor Sign-In/Out System

Client Project


Lancashire Constabulary at Hutton, England, United Kingdom · Hybrid


I had the amazing opportunity to be offered a placement in the Digital Media Investigations Unit at Lancashire Constabulary. I learnt a lot about the processes that go into the technical and investigative side of digital forensics. I visited a few different police stations in the North West and asked a variety of different questions to learn more about the operations that take place internally. Hands on with mobile and computer extraction, processing of computer data, analysing and reporting of computer data, wiping of hard drives and USB's, completed mobile and computer competency tests, completed a mock warrant, and attended divisional labs.


During the placement, I took charge of a few solo projects to contribute and improve the internal processes. The main project I was tasked with was to build an electronic visitor sign-in/out system (Evsios) for officers and external visitors for the DMIU, which replaced their previous paper system. The application introduced an intuitive design that matched the force brand and allowed the DMIU to manage their visitor logs digitally.

I used React Native to build the application and followed a combination of Kanban and Scrum to lead the project. I kept the product owner informed weekly with proper documentation regarding the progress of the project throughout its lifecycle and ensured flexibility for changes and new feature requests.